Auckland needs housing leadership, and here’s how

The Coalition for More Homes is an advocacy group focused on solutions to Auckland's housing crisis through an ambitious response to the National Policy Statement on Urban Development (NPS-UD) and other housing legislation.  

We believe that everyone deserves a healthy and affordable home and the opportunity to live in convenient, liveable neighbourhoods with access to transport and amenities.

Auckland City Illustration

we’re asking Auckland Council to:

  • Extend proposed Walking Catchments, 20mins for Rapid Transit and Metro centres, 30mins for City Centre
  • Enable Perimeter Block Housing forms through new Medium Density Zone similar to improved THAB zone definition. Read about our alternative standards here.
  • Define corridors with high bus priority and frequency as Rapid Transit, as per NPS-UD
    For example, Great North Rd, Manukau Rd, Mount Eden Rd
  • Apply Mixed Use Zoning and Remove Special Character Areas in Walkable Catchments, to enable the growth of centres & more local living. Retain and improve listed Heritage protections.
  • Establish Statutory Design Guidance for Apartments and Medium Density to support liveability at density, including requirements for acoustic comfort, solar access, accessibility, thermal comfort and shared amenities.
Brickworks, Hobsonville
Photo of 4 Level Brickworks Apartments
Photo of 3 level Cohouse Building
cohaus, Grey Lynn
Photo of various Terraced Homes

Why is this so important?

Housing is a significant political issue in Aotearoa. With powerful impacts on issues from equity to mental health, to overall wellbeing and productivity.

Auckland is in a multi-generational housing crisis, alongside a climate crisis that’s being exacerbated by our transport system. Auckland Council declared a housing emergency on 11th June 2019.

While the Auckland Unitary Plan in 2016 boosted the capacity for housing across the city, this has been unequally distributed to fringe suburbs. This new legislation is an opportunity to re-balance and enable more development in highly accessible and in-demand areas of Auckland, close to amenities and transport options.

Auckland Council's response to the NPS-UD and other housing legislation is vital for addressing the housing and climate crises.

  • Rising housing costs

    put secure and affordable housing out of reach for more Aucklanders than ever.
  • Poor housing quality

    leads to poor health outcomes, especially for renters.
  • Lack of housing choice

    means that many people are forced to live far from work and family, and accept long, costly and often car-dependent commutes.

Auckland needs housing leadership

Our recommended responses offer Auckland Council the opportunity to:
Expand the wins made possible by the Auckland Unitary Plan
Enable More Homes in the Right Place for Aucklanders
Boost Housing Choice and Quality
Support climate responsive development, respond to the Climate Emergency
Reduce travel demand, costs and emissions from housing and transport
Enable Density Done Well, to enhance urban quality of life and deliver more liveable homes & neighbourhoods.

This is not the only action that is needed from Auckland Council to address the housing and climate crisis – but it is a critical step.

We need to enable density done well and more homes, in the right place, for the benefit of all of Auckland.